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What is an ASBV?

An animal’s performance is dependent on both its genetic potential and the nutrition and management it receives. However it is only the genetic potential that can be taken home for breeding.

Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) are a measure of an animal’s genetic potential. They are calculated by correcting for known environmental influences, such as age, birth and rear type etc and the degree to which traits are inherited. Lambplan ASBV’s are recognised as an excellent tool to describe genetic potential.

ASBVs are calculated from a sheep’s own records, from the records of close relatives and from the records of their progeny. Information is also included from genetically related traits.

The accuracy of these ASBVs increases steadily. As more records are collected and reported it is possible to obtain ASBV’s with higher accuracies. The higher the accuracies the higher the reliability.

ASBVs in $uperBorder$ ®

Each $uperBorder$ ram is sold with information about each production ASBV. These can be used to choose the best rams for each production system or market.

A typical listing will show

  • MWWT (Maternal weaning wt): Ewe effect on weaning wt (eg milk) (kg)
  • WWT (Weaning wt): Growth to weaning (kg)
  • PWT (Post weaning wt): Growth to 300 days (kg)
  • PFAT: Fat depth at 300 days (mm)
  • PEMD: Eye muscle depth at 300 days (mm)
  • YGFW: Yearling greasy fleece weight (%)
  • NLW: Number of lambs weaned (%).

A typical listing of ASBVs for a $uperBorder$ ram will look like this :

Ram No mwwt wwt Pwt Pfat Pemd Ygfw Nlw
101 +0.9 +3.6 +5.5 -0.5 +0.3 +7% +7%

The ASBVs show the comparative genetic merit of rams. A ram with a PWT of + 5 indicates that he is 5 kg better at this age than a ram with a PWT of 0. His progeny will have 50% of his genes and can be expected to be 2.5 kg heavier.

The current average for each ASBV is shown as the 50 percentile value.

Click here for the percentile report

If you want more growth, higher fertility or less fat, simply choose rams that have better ASBVs for the desired traits. ASBVs are an invaluable tool when you have identified your production systems and goals.