Tags and Placards

The $uperBorder$ group have branded eartags and placards available for breeders of commercial progeny from $uperBorder$ rams.

For a marketing advantage in off shears and breeders sales use the “Bred from $uperBorder$ ” yellow placards to highlight the breeding potential of your pen of $uperBorder$ sired Border Leicester x Merino ewes. Draw the attention of feedlotters to your wether lambs enhanced growth and carcase abilities .

Space is available on the cards to list details that will enhance the interest in your offering. eg : studs from where the sires were sourced, bloodlines of the ewes used, date dropped, list of vaccinations, shearing date, lice treatment, your property health status etc. Presentation and information are all important when your sheep are displayed prior to sale.

To obtain placards, contact your $uperBorder$ ram breeder.


Don’t lose the advantages of superior breeding! Branded eartags are an ideal way of identifying your lambs as being better Borders. Obvious at point of sale, you, agents and buyers will all benefit from the lifetime identification of these tags. Mobs can be boxed after tagging and still retain the recognition they deserve as genetically improved Border Leicester x Merinos. We recommend using $uperBorder$ branded tags in year colours.
$uperBorder$ ® flock ear tag order forms are available by clicking on the form below.