Ewes “Bred from $uperBorder$ ® Rams”06102009(005)

$uperBorder$ Merino Cross are a guarantee of a quality first cross ewe.

All Border Leicester rams are not the same. Central Maternal Progeny Test showed up to a $40 variation in gross margin per ewe per year across 18 different Border Leicester sires.

This translates into a difference of $20,000 profit for a 1000 ewe enterprise for top rams over profits from the “average” ram.

$uperBorder$ Merino Cross are generally identified in the sale pens by the yellow sale cards carrying the heading “Bred from $uperBorder$ Rams”.

Buyers should not necessarily expect these ewes to look any different to other first-cross ewes. Better genes for fertility and milking ability are not necessarily reflected in appearance.

Look for the yellow sale cards.

Also look for the breeder’s tags carrying the brand name “$uperBorder$ ” on the reverse side.


Adelaide Royal 2010 105